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Mark of Cain

"The Mark of Cain" is the latest production at Beatniks on Conkey.

Rip Johnson, co-director of Hammond’s Beatniks on Conkey’s “The Mark of Cain,” thinks the production of the acclaimed thriller is fitting for this particular time of year.

“We like to give these shows that Halloween feel,” he said. “We look forward to doing shows like this, that are suspenseful, around this time.”

The show runs Friday through Sunday and Nov. 3 to 5. "The Mark of Cain" tells the tale of identical twins Sean and Michael O’Neil. Trouble brews and the past is dug up when Sean makes his way to their family cottage to sell it, much to the chagrin of his brother.

“Cain” was penned by Canadian/American playwright and screenwriter Peter Colley, whose works include thrillers such as “I’ll Be Back Before Midnight” and “Shadow of a Blonde” and musicals such as “Cagney” and “You’ll Get Used to It.” The play made its debut in Toronto in 1994 and made its way Stateside in 2001.

“We love Peter Colley’s action,” said Johnson, who is directing “Cain” with his wife Bonnie Johnson. “There’s lots of action on stage and a lot of suspense. It’s not horror but it verges on it. And it’s clever. Peter Colley writes really clever plays with a lot of twists and turns.”

Mike Learner is Sean O’Neil and Andrew Delano is Michael O’Neil in Beatniks' “Cain.” They are joined onstage by Maggie Learner as Sean’s wife, Dale, Laurie Reyna as Dr. Eugenia Clifford, Mark Aken as neighbor Otto Sorensen and Cari Ann Labook as Otto’s wife, Molly Sorensen.

“We have a great cast,” Rip Johnson said. “We’ve got some new people to our theater bringing all new energy to our stage. And it’s just a fun play.”

Next on Beatniks calendar is the annual adult variety show, scheduled for Dec. 1-3.

FYI: “The Mark of Cain” runs Friday through Sunday and Nov. 3 to 5 at Beatniks on Conkey, 418 Conkey St., Hammond. Tickets are $15. Call 219- 852-0848 or visit BEATNIKSONCONKEY.COM