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The Joffrey Ballet

"The Nutcracker," performed by The Joffrey Ballet, runs through Dec. 30.

This is the second year dance fans have the chance to enjoy The Joffrey Ballet's exquisite new "Nutcracker" production.

"Christopher Wheeldon's The Nutcracker," which is a re-imagined rendition of the traditional ballet, continues through Dec. 30 at The Auditorium Theatre in Chicago.

The story veers from the traditional one, which focuses on Clara, from a high-brow family, and turns its attention to a setting and family during the time of the Columbian Exposition in Chicago. This "Nutcracker" tells the story of young Marie, who is from a poor, hard-working immigrant family.

Marie, while in a dream, embarks on a journey with a life-size Nutcracker and the Impressario. They travel to the land of the World's Fair, where they visit exciting ethnic pavilions.

The production was choreographed specifically for The Joffrey Ballet and premiered during the 2016 holiday season.

Dance lovers will enjoy the beautiful sets, costumes and choreography in this stunning work. Chicago fans also will enjoy viewing historic city landmarks such as the Statue of The Republic and the Ferris Wheel recreated on stage.

The Joffrey troupe of dancers are in fine form during this show. Performed by The Chicago Philharmonic, Tchaikovsky's stellar score also stars in the ballet.

Highlighted performances in the work include April Daly as the Queen of the Fair and the Mother; Fabrice Calmels as The Great Impressario of the Fair; and Dylan Gutierrez as The Rat King.

Don't miss this special "Nutcracker." It's tailor made for Chicago.

FYI: Christopher Wheeldon's "The Nutcracker" performed by The Joffrey Ballet, runs  through Dec. 30 at The Auditorium Theatre,  50 E. Congress Parkway, Chicago. Tickets are $35 to $165.  Call 312-386-8905 or visit