Hitler's Tasters"

"Hitler's Tasters" continues to July 14 at North Shore Center for The Performing Arts in Skokie.

The latest production at North Shore Center for the Performing Arts presents an interesting exploration into the task given a group of young women during Hitler's reign.

"Hitler's Tasters" continues to July 14 at The North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie. The play tells the story of the group of women who were made to taste Hitler's food before he ate it so the Fuhrer wouldn't be poisoned.

The show is 90 minutes, without an intermission, and given the dire subject, the production moves along rather swiftly.

"Hitler's Tasters," which is directed by Sarah Norris, is actually told in a modern fashion and even showcases the young women using cell phones. Contemporary music is also played in the show as it's a means of separating different scenes in the production.

Audience members watch as the women, who are obviously "afraid" while doing their appalling job, try to distract themselves about what they're really doing by talking about their own lives and dreams. There are various humorous scenes in the play, although the situation they are dealing with is tragic.

They wonder what the dictator is really like, talk wanting to see his dog Blondi and fantasize about American movie stars.

"Hitler's Tasters," which has a script by Michelle Kholos Brooks, will be seen at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after its Skokie engagement. A production of The New Light Theater Project, "Hitler's Tasters" had its world premiere at Centenary Stage in New Jersey.

The ensemble cast of "Hitler's Tasters" does a fine job of making the lives of these young women come to life. But it also has that undercurrent of horror and dread. It's not uncommon to feel a little sad while leaving the theater.

FYI: "Hitler's Tasters" continues to July 14 at at North Shore Center for the Performing Arts, 9501 Skokie Boulevard, Skokie. Tickets are $32 to $46. Call 847-673-6300 or visit NorthShoreCenter.org.


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