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Carol Estes, co-curator of Michigan City’s Southern Shore Art Association’s “Lyrical Suites,” hopes that the photographs that make up her exhibit put a song in its viewers heads.

Or vice versa.

“Out of the human senses, sights and sound will trigger memories, and memories and music are tied in together,” she said. “There are many times where we will take a picture and we have this personal connection where it will resound and connect. And that's where we tie that in and are able to have other people experience that.”

“Suites” is Southern Shore Art Association’s annual photography exhibit. More than a dozen photographers from Indiana, Michigan and Illinois contributed original works for the exhibit.

Last fall, Estes helped put together Southern Shore’s “Memories Evoked,” which encouraged both the photographers and exhibit-goers to interpret the word “memory” in their own way for each piece.

For ““Suites,” the artists are considering songs with their pieces.

“It's where the photographer ties in an idea out of the photo that puts something together that speaks to them. Its not random,” Estes said. "We're taking snippets of the images and the imagery in the story and the picture, and how personally as photographers we can see songs in our head that connect with the things we shoot.”

More than three dozen photographs make up Southern Shore’s “Suites.”

“Sometimes a voice or a sound takes you to a song or a phrase in a lyric,” Estes said. “What we're doing is expanding the senses to sight.”

“Lyrical Suites” is scheduled to run at Southern Shore Art Association through Oct. 1. Southern Shore’s gallery is open noon to 5 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

Southern Shore’s next exhibit, “La Nouvelle Femme,” is scheduled to open Oct. 6.