In "The Mykonos Mob," the 10th book of the Greece-based mystery-thriller series written by New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Siger, Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis finds himself face to face with the nation’s top crime bosses.

And all of them are as perplexed as he is about who’s responsible for the murder of a corrupt former police colonel who ran the island’s protection rackets.

In the meantime, Kaldis’ s wife, Lila, is trying to find an identity for herself beyond wife and mother and teams up with an ex-pat with a shady side. The two decide to mentor exploited young island girls, a charitable act that unknowingly negatively intersects with her husband’s investigation.

Siger, who left a lucrative career as a partner in a Wall Street law firm to write mysteries, says that Greece provides an inexhaustible source of material for the two central elements of his series — the serious, modern-day issues his characters need to confront and overcome, and a perspective on those issues found in the ancient past.

“There is no place on earth more closely linked to the ancient world than Greece,” he says.

“It is the birthplace of the gods, the cradle of European civilization, the bridge between East and West. Spartan courage, Athenian democracy, Olympic achievement, Trojan intrigue — all sprung from this wondrous land.”

It’s also a place he knows well.

“Each year I live on Mykonos longer than any other place on earth, and have for about a dozen years,” says Siger, noting he first visited the island 35 years ago at a friend’s suggestion who thought he’d love Greece.

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“She was right. From the moment I stepped onto the tarmac at the Mykonos airport, I felt as if I were home. That very first day I happened to pass by a jewelry shop on my way into town from my hotel, though I forget how the proprietor lured me inside. Unbeknownst to me, I’d stumbled upon the most loved man on Mykonos.

"A consummate gentleman and fervent booster of the island, he had an extraordinary circle of local, national and international friends, all of whom made a point of regularly stopping by to say hello to him.”

Becoming an insider almost immediately has helped him craft stories about the workings of the islands both from a political and social viewpoint.

“My ideas come from the strangest sources, often unexpected,” Siger says.

“More bizarre than where they come from, is how often my fictional plots have an unnerving tendency to come true. For example, my second novel in the series, 'Assassins of Athens,' featured a character in the mold of Greece’s current Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras years before his rise to power; my third book, 'Prey on Patmos,' anticipated by seven years the current turmoil involving Mt. Athos, the Russian government, and the Patriarch in Constantinople.

"And many of the details surrounding the fictional assassination serving as the backstory in the latest book, were just reported by the Greek press as key details of an actual assassination that occurred long after 'The Mykonos Mob' was written.”

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