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One Woman's World

Times columnist Wendy Levenfeld takes a look at her work in her new book, "One Woman's World."

“I cannot, in good conscience, keep my mouth (or my pen) silent,” writes columnist Wendy Levenfeld in her newest book, "One Woman’s World."

The book is a compilation of Levenfeld’s first 300 columns for newspapers in Northwest Indiana, written from 2008 through 2014 on topics such as politics, spirituality, pop culture and current events.

Levenfeld said the book, which bears the same name as her column, is a way to bring together her work on an assortment of subjects for her fans.

“I’ve really been blessed that I can write about anything I want. I’ve written my whole life and my readers really like when I’m angry about something. I tend not to write about anything local because it’s not my bailiwick, so I do mostly national or international topics, family interactions, things I see around me, even arguments with the phone company,” she says.

Levenfeld has had access to notable dignitaries through her work as a marketing and strategic planning consultant and these encounters have provided her with material for many of her columns.

“In my career I’ve met the movers and shakers of the last half century. I’ve had briefings by six of the past sitting prime ministers of Israel, and I ran the not-for-profit Sinai Forum (a series of notable speakers currently operated by Purdue Northwest) for 10 years. I had most of the main speakers to my house, so I have inside information about people and places and things,” she said.

Sometimes told with a sense of humor, sometimes told with brutal honesty, and always told with a voice that is clearly Levenfeld’s, "One Woman’s World" is a book that speaks to a wide audience, though she says her ultimate goal in writing this book was to appeal to one small audience.

She explains, “This is how I think, what I feel, and what I see. I get a ton of emails about my columns so I wanted to put them together in a book. For the first 300 columns I’ve had over 3,000 emails and I try to read every single one and respond to them all. I’m not Thomas Friedman, I’m not George Will, I’m not Peggy Noonan, and I don’t think this will fly off the shelves, but I wanted something so my grandchildren would know who I was.”

"One Woman’s World" by Wendy Levenfeld is available now through