Skunk Anansie's Skin was almost eaten by pack of baby hyenas
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Skunk Anansie's Skin was almost eaten alive by a pack of baby hyenas.

The 51-year-old frontwoman has recalled her terrifying encounter on a vacation in Namibia in Southwestern Africa, when she became "surrounded" by the ferocious carnivores and how she got a lucky escape after one tugged at her ankle before she was saved by the staff at the beach she was on.

She told The Sunday Times newspaper: "In Namibia, I was attacked by baby hyenas at a refuge for wild animals.

"I was near a watering hole and a baby came up to me. Before long, I was surrounded by eight of them.

"One got hold of my ankle and I fell over. They obviously thought I looked tasty.

"Staff screamed and thrashed them out of the way."

The 'Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)' singer also revealed that she once almost ended up joining an orgy in Ibiza.

She recalled: "There was a full-on orgy happening.

"A guy tapped me on the shoulder and I realised I was in the queue!"

Skin was recently in the headlines after she corrected Stormzy's claim that he was the "first black British artist to headline Glastonbury".

The grime superstar topped the bill on the Pyramid Stage on the Friday night last month, and while he tweeted before his performance that he was "overwhelmed with emotions", Skin - whose real name is Deborah Dye - tweeted the 'Vossi Bop' hitmaker to point out her performance with the band in 1999.

The band wrote on Instagram: "Sorry Stormzy but we beat you to it in 1999! 20 years ago! And while we're on topic, I was the first black Woman too! @beyonce.

"Wishing you an awesome nite tho, Kill it! You're amazing and we're all very proud... Real question is why it took 20 years! (sic)"

Stormzy later took to Twitter to apologise and set the record straight, as he heaped praise on the Britrock star.

He tweeted: "Skin from the band Skunk Anansie was actually the first black artist to headline glasto she done it with her band in 1999 no disrespect intended and MASSIVE salute to you - my apologies! (sic)"

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