Linda Pauli, director of Chesterton’s 4th Street Theater’s “Ordinary Days,” is more than comfortable with the not-so-grand scale of her production.

“It’s a small show,” she said. “There’s only four characters and a piano, which is nice. We so often do things that have big musical accompaniments and lots of people on stage, and I thought it would be fun to do something small and a little more intimate.”

Opening March 9 and running through March 25, “Ordinary” is the tale of a foursome of 30-something adults from New York City – Claire, Jason, Deb and Warren – whose lives cross paths and are changed when Deb loses an important document.

Featuring songs such as “The Space Between,” “Favorite Places” and “Life Story,” “Ordinary” made its debut in London in 2008 and was first staged on this side of the pond, off-Broadway, a year later. It has since been produced throughout the globe in countries such as Australia, Israel and Spain.

“Ordinary” was written and composed by American playwright and songsmith Adam Gwon, whose credits include "The Boy Detective Falls," "Cloudlands" and "Bernice Bobs Her Hair."

“The music is very contemporary,” Pauli said. “It’s reminiscent of Stephen Sondheim and of Jason Robert Brown and a lot of people who do those kind of rapid fire lyrics. There’s lots of humor in the songs. There are also songs there that are very poignant.”

“I’m Lucky,” Pauli said. “I have a really strong cast of performers.”

Next up for 4th Street Theater is a production of the musical “Parade,” which is scheduled to open May 25.