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Come on down, Felicia Hall

Felicia Hall poses with the wheel on "The Price is Right" set at CBS Studios in Los Angeles.

Felicia Hall describes herself as energetic, positive, loud and lively. Those traits helped her become a contestant on "The Price is Right" this summer. The show featuring Hall will air Oct. 26.

Hall, a native of Gary, is a flight attendant with Frontier Airlines. She and four co-workers decided to be in the audience on their day off, not expecting to be contestants. The five flight attendants were seated behind the contestants' podium when Hall's name was called to "come on down."

"Waiting to be a member of the audience was a lot different than I expected," Hall said, a graduate of West Side High School and Indiana University Northwest. "They have several tapings that day and you don't know which taping you will be a part of. They allow 250 people in the studio for each taping.

"We were outside waiting for four hours," Hall said. "Then they fit you into a group, 50 at a time and talk to you to see how energetic, exited you are."

Hall said you really don't know if you are going to be picked for contestants row until they call your name, during the taping. "That excitement and surprise you see on people's faces on TV is real. We have no idea."

Hall added that it is so loud and you can't hear anything there so they are basically holding up a card with your name on it for the next contestant to be called.

Hall said she was picked toward the end of the show but she cannot reveal if she ever got out of contestants row or if she was able to play a game or not.

"We have to sign forms stating we won't reveal any of that before the show is aired on television," Hall said. "It's been hard not to talk about it with friends."

Hall said she was really surprised when they said her name but thinks her profession as a flight attendant helps.

"I have a calm demeanor, but I am very energetic and full of life. This profession suits me," said Hall, who is now based out of Denver for her job. Her father, Dennis Hall, lives in Miller and her grandmother and aunts have lived in Gary for more than 60 years.

Being called to contestants row also meant she got to meet host Drew Carey during the taping of the 60-minute show, which took about 90 minutes to tape.

"He came down and talked with me and I introduced him to my co-workers," Hall said. "We got a group photo together. He told me he knew of Gary, Indiana, and The Jackson Five."

Hall said she was so upbeat for the entire taping and was so tired afterward.

"I always dreamed of being on a gameshow and I always wanted to be on TV," she said. "I wanted to do it for the excitement of the audience and the free prizes."

Hall said every contestant that is called is given a cash prize, whether or not you make it on stage.

"You have beat so many odds to be one of the eight so they reward you," Hall said. "The other flight attendants were so excited for me and I was overjoyed with excitement. I literally lost my voice from screaming."

Hall said she does wish she could have taken photos during the show but no cellphones are allowed during the taping.


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