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First place: Four Winds Casino

Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan

Poker players seem to have a lock on tournament action in the Region, which is why the monthly $7,500 blackjack tournaments scheduled the first Tuesday of every month at Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan, are so popular with fans of the game.

Serious blackjack players know that learning and memorizing basic strategy is the first step toward becoming proficient at the game. If you master basic strategy you will automatically have an edge over a majority of players. But it doesn’t stop there.

If you want to continue your blackjack education and truly take advantage of the game, you must ascend to the next level by keeping some form of mental track of the cards.

The odds are continually fluctuating during a game of blackjack. Basic strategy does not take this into account. There can be times during the course of a “shoe” when the house enjoys a fatter edge than the norm. On the other hand, there are also occasions when the players as a collective group are in a superior position.

Knowing when to capitalize on favorable situations by increasing your wager when it’s a “player’s game” or decreasing your wager when it’s a “house” game can elevate you to a higher plateau of blackjack play and make you a more successful player over the long run.

On Sunday (June 24) Four Winds New Buffalo is raising the blackjack tournament bar by hosting the $20,000 Ace of Hearts blackjack tournament from 1 to 8 p.m. (EDT).

Based on a full tournament of 144 participants, the winner will collect a first prize of $8,000, with $4,600 to the second place finisher and $2,600 for third.

The prize pool at the final table also includes $1,800 for fourth, $1,200 for fifth, $1,000 for sixth and $800 for seventh.

The buy-in for this tournament is $100, plus an add-on of $10 for additional chips. To reserve your place simply make your buy-in at the Four Winds New Buffalo cashier cage any time prior to the event. You must be 21 years of age or older to participate.

Random drawings to determine seating assignments will be conducted before each promotional round. All participants will randomly draw for a table number and a position at the table.

Keeping track of the cards can be mentally taxing. The tiny percentage of players who take it to the max possess brilliant mathematical minds and superb powers of concentration. There are shortcuts, however.

Taking a shortcut means you can no longer be a passive player by paying attention only to your own hand.

The most powerful cards for players are the 10-value cards and the aces. There are 20 such cards in each 52-card deck.

The most powerful cards for the dealer are the fours, fives, and sixes. There are 12 such cards in a 52-card deck. They allow dealers to draw to strong hands. Because house rules require the dealer to “hit” 16, a draw of four or five can be devastating to players.

On a side note, it’s a mathematical fact that the fives are the most powerful cards for the dealer.

Having knowledge during the middle game of a shoe that there is either an abundance of 10 value cards or an abundance of fours, fives, and sixes can give you an advantage over players who don’t have such knowledge.


BLUE CHIP: The monthly “Progressive Payout” drawing will be held Friday, June 29. Drawings are set to be held at 8, 9 and 10 p.m. At the first drawing, five winners will be drawn to select for a $4,000 prize. At 8 p.m., five winners will draw for $16,000. At the final drawing, 15 winners will draw for $60,000. If the progressive prizes are not selected they will roll over into July with $1,000 added to the first pot, $4,000 to the second, and $15,000 to the third. The progressive prizes will continue to roll over monthly. If any prize is not selected until October rolls along, they are guaranteed to be given away in that month’s drawing. Earn entries using your B Connected card playing slots and table games and then activate the entries you have earned on the day of the drawing.

FOUR WINDS: The major jackpots keep coming. On May 28 a slot player visiting from Granger, Indiana took a $3 spin on a penny “Casablanca” interactive slot manufactured by Everi Holdings, Inc. and won a $326,067.58 jackpot at the South Bend destination.

Because the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians own the Four Winds casino locations in South Bend, New Buffalo, Dowagiac, and Hartford, the properties, along with 300 other tribal casinos across the nation, belong to a 16-state Native American progressive gaming network.

The slot jackpots grow so big because every coin played in the wide-area progressive link of slot machines is linked to the progressive payouts. When guests playing machines in hundreds of locations are eligible for a themed slot jackpot, it grows bigger and faster than a single location progressive.

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