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The real deal on video poker is random
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The real deal on video poker is random

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Readers frequently ask questions pertaining to how the random nature of slot machine play differs from that of video poker.

A video poker game’s computer-generated virtual deck of cards is constantly being “shuffled” between plays. Every hand you are dealt and every card you draw is as random as a computer program will allow and as close to shuffling and dealing your own game with a real deck of cards.

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When you initiate a play by hitting the “deal” button, the shuffling ceases and five cards are dealt from the top of the virtual deck. The cards pop up one-by-one, left to right on the screen. During the time you make your decision on which cards to hold and which to discard, the cards remaining in the virtual deck are being shuffled.

When you hit the “draw” button, the cards stop shuffling and whatever number of cards you require to fill your hand come off the top one-by-one and occupy the vacated positions.

Contrary to what some players think, five new cards do not pop up left to right on every draw creating “shadow” cards behind the ones they held. If you hold the cards in positions one, two and three, for example, only two cards will come off the top of the remaining deck and pop up left to right to fill the fourth and fifth positions on the screen.

In other words, the only cards that are dealt on the draw are the number of cards that are needed to fill the vacant positions.

When video poker was first introduced, some manufacturers developed games in which 10 cards came out on every deal: Five up and five behind. In others, five cards were dealt off the top and the virtual cards remaining were stagnant for the draw.

It is highly unlikely from a random mathematical perspective that the two cards a player may need to complete a royal would be there had the player broken up a flush on the previous hand.

The outcome isn’t pre-determined; the two cards weren't sitting out there waiting for the player to decide. At the moment a player hits deal for the next hand, the cards just happened to be the first two cards off the top of the virtual deck.

To illustrate the point, assume you are dealt three cards to a royal in positions one, three and four on the screen. You discard the other two cards, and accidentally you also discard the card in position one. When you hit “draw” you get the five of spades in position one while the two cards that you needed to complete your royal pop up in positions two and five.

Many players assume that had the mistake of tossing out one of the royal component cards not been made, the player would have hit the royal. The fact of the matter is, they wouldn’t have hit it anyway because the card that would have occupied position two would have been the five of spades.

Becoming knowledgeable about games is the best defense players can have against the casinos.


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