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Pastrami and Swiss Sandwich

Pastrami and Swiss Sandwich

GRIFFITH — Foodies interested in creating a lunch or dinner meal for a casual setting or a picnic need only visit Charcuterie for ideas.

Charcuterie, located on Broad Street in downtown Griffith, offers a variety of gourmet products, fresh deli meats, imported and domestic cheeses, jams, wines, specialty snacks, candy and other assorted items.

The gourmet business was established last year by Valerie Gonzalez and Skip Jones. The couple's goal was to offer a variety of upscale and out-of-the-ordinary products that consumers couldn't easily find in the area.

Shoppers also will find that Charcuterie carries items and specialty products from local manufacturers such as Crown Brewing, Mother Wilma's Marshmallow Factory, Sprigati Spaghetti Sauce from Munster, Bnutty peanut butter and others.

While Charcuterie is not a restaurant, sandwiches are made on the premises for customers to carry out. We visited the specialty shop on a recent Friday afternoon and purchased an assortment of items for a casual picnic-type lunch.

The offerings for our casual picnic were a Pastrami and Swiss Sandwich on Marbled Rye ($7.99); Pineapple Coleslaw ($2.84 for a container); and a container of House Made Bruschetta ($4.55). We also bought a package of Life of Provence Cocktail Party Toast ($1.99) for the bruschetta.

To drink, we purchased Crown Brewing's Orange Dream soda ($1.99); and Craft Root Beer ($1.50), which is made in Rosemont.

The sandwich was a delicious combination of quality meat and cheese with all the usual fixings such as lettuce, tomato, onions and mayo — other additions also are available. The bruschetta was a standout for its slighty sweet flavor. The balsamic wasn't too sharp or tangy.

Crown Brewing's orange beverage is similar to the nostalgic Dreamsicle ice cream treat in flavor.

Among other sandwiches available at Charcuterie are Ham and Muenster on a Rustic Hero Roll; Roast Beef and Cheddar on a Rustic Hero Roll; and Roast Beef and Cheddar Sauce on an Onion Roll. All sandwiches are $7.99.

Charcuterie also offers sandwich platters and meat and cheese boards that can be ordered in advance for parties and gatherings.

It's easy to get creative in putting together a meal from products available at the specialty shop.