If you're planning a party for Halloween this year, it's not difficult to come up with a multitude of ideas for special treats.

Food experts say that going with a spooky and haunted theme is always fairly easy. Home cooks can use a variety of ingredients to make everything from ghosts and witches' hats to vampires and other ghouls. And if you want to simply go with a fall theme, ingredients such as popcorn, assorted spices, nuts and more can help give the autumn flavor to your treats.

On the website thekitchn.com, treat fans will find a variety of dishes to create including items such as Peanut Butter and Chocolate Graveyard Cake, Halloween Party Mix, Pumpkin Slab Pie and Candy Coated Marshmallow Spiders.

The Popcorn Board, located in Chicago, regularly comes up with new recipes for popcorn treats. With October officially being National Popcorn Poppin' Month, treat fans will find a good selection of Halloween-themed popcorn recipes at the board's website at popcorn.org.

Recipes such as Pumpkin Heads, Spooky Popcorn Spider Web, Happy Halloween Mini Popcorn Balls, Harvest Munch (or Monster Munch) and more are among treat ideas from the Popcorn Board.

If you're in need of treat recipes for your upcoming Halloween gathering, try your hand at the following dishes.

By Eloise Marie Valadez, Eloise.Valadez@nwi.com, 219-933-3365