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The cinnamon apple waffle is served at Aspen Cafe in St. John. The dish costs $9.49.

ST. JOHN — From skillets to crepes, the breakfast options are plentiful if you take a cruise down U.S. 41.

Aspen Cafe, 9141 Wicker Ave., is a south county staple for good comfort food. The family restaurant has a wide selection of classic lunch and dinner dishes, but the bountiful breakfast side of the menu is where it's at.

The restaurant boasts an incredibly comfortable atmosphere. Booth seating is spaced a tad away from the tables to give a chance to lean back. Wooden ceiling panels and sparse glass light fixtures give a dimmed, relaxed setting. Classic pop and rock lightly plays from the speakers. All the elements can give a close enough feel to being off and away in a mountain cabin.

Aspen Cafe's breakfast dishes have numerous possibilities. Croissants are available to order with favorite egg, meat and cheese options. Skillets and omelettes have many vegetable additions. A highlight though are the French toast and waffle choices, many of which sport fruits and other sauces on top. Even the fictional Leslie Knope would approve of these.

A worth selection is the cinnamon apple waffle. The dish comes piping hot out of the kitchen. It's also decorative, with plenty of apples scattered across the top, a dash of powdered sugar sprinkled around and the sauce seeping into the waffle's pockets.

The arrangement is absolutely delicious. The apples are prepared well, and the cinnamon has a sharp zing to it. The waffle is wonderfully crispy and tasty, and the sauce-soaked cuts have an accentuated flavor.

For more information, call 219-365-8733.

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