The Original John's Pizzeria has been turning out its famed pizza and other Italian dishes for Region diners throughout the last seven decades.

The restaurant, located in Munster, was originally located in downtown Calumet City and developed its large customer base there. John's is still owned and operated by members of the Bacino family. The Original John's Pizzeria was established by Phil Bacino in 1943. Diners flocked to the Calumet City eatery for its unique pizza and specialties such as Chicken Vesuvio, Chicken Parmesan and various Pastas.

What stands out on John's sausage pizza is the sausage is put through a grinder and then the meat crumbles are sprinkled over the entire pizza. Seasonings and spices used in the sausage blend well with the flavors of the dough and sauce.

During a recent Sunday dinner, the eatery was filled with guests. Almost all of the tables were taken. Many diners ordered various sizes of pizza while other tables were filled with pasta, sandwiches and chicken dishes.

The restaurant opens its dining room at 4 p.m. daily and its carry out business is open earlier every day.

For our dinner, we ordered the small Sausage Pizza ($14.75) and the Chicken Vesuvio ($17.95). The menu states that the Chicken Vesuvio is a Calumet City favorite. Our waitress confirmed that as she said many people who visit the eatery specifically request that dish. This writer knows that to be a fact as members of my own family have loved that recipe through the decades.

The recipe hasn't been changed and still receives a thumbs up from all who taste it for its tender meat and potatoes and its sauteed olive oil/white wine and garlic sauce blend.

Among other menu items at John's are the 4 Piece Broasted Chicken Dinner ($9.50); big Bowl of Pasta Dinner ($28, serves 4 to 5); Fried Shrimp ( $9); Sauteed Lake Perch ($17.95); Noni's Pot Roast Sandwich ($8.25); Roast Beef and Sausage Combo Sandwich ($9.50) and more.

Feeling hungry?

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