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Halloween Desserts


Whether your kids brought home pounds of fun sized candy bars from trick or treating, or you bought more bags of candy than you could hand out this year, these creative desserts are the perfect way to use up leftovers.

1) Leftover Halloween Candy Blondies

This smart recipe from Just a Taste is the everything and the kitchen sink to way to use up extra Kit Kats, M&Ms, peanut butter cups, Snickers bars, and just about any other chocolate candy from the Halloween haul. The recipe makes 16 blondie bars, uses common kitchen ingredients, and takes just 30-35 minutes to make.

2) Candy Corn Pretzel Bark

Candy corn may be one of the most divisive Halloween candies, with some die-hard fans and others who insist this Halloween treat tastes like sugary wax. Fortunately, Fresh April Flours whipped up some sweet and salty 3-ingredient candy corn, pretzel, and white chocolate bark that will turn the biggest candy corn critics into believers.

3) Chocolate Peanut Butter Kit Kat Crunch Bars

For an easy no bake treat that uses up those fun sized Kit Kat bars, try this delicious recipe from Averie Cooks. The Rice Crispies are held together with a 2-minute peanut butter sauce made in the microwave, and the leftover Kit Kats add an extra crunch to this no-fuss treat.

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