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If you love Christmas but hate wrestling with lights, juggling delicate ornaments, and pulling the ladder out of your garage to put up and take down decorations every year, try these easier alternatives. They’ll add plenty of holiday cheer to your home without the elbow grease.

1) Twinkle Star Curtain Lights

Instead of painstakingly stringing lights around your gutters in freezing weather, opt for these twinkle star curtain lights. All you need to do is hang them over a curtain rod inside. You’ll still spread some holiday cheer to the neighborhood, but you won’t find yourself stomping through mounds of snow to take lights down in January.  

2) Poinsettia Pull Up Tree

The pre-decorated Christmas tree is a must for any lazy holiday decorator. While the idea of the family banding together to string lights and hang ornaments might seem idyllic, the reality generally involves more pricked fingers, broken glass, and nitpicking arguments. This pre-lit pull up tree can be assembled and taken down in minutes and is small enough for tiny spaces.

3) Pre-Lit Christmas Wreath

This pre-lit Christmas wreath with pine cone, ornament, and ribbon decorations is affordable, easy to pack away every year, and can be hung over your fireplace or in a window with minimal effort.

4) Artificial Mistletoe

Mistletoe isn’t just a classic Christmas decoration—it’s also the lazy decorator’s best friend. Hang it above the door or place a few bundles on end tables and in centerpieces in clear vases.

5) Stockings

Placing stockings over the fireplace or on the staircase is one of the easiest ways to signal Christmastime is here. This classic burlap and plaid set are affordable and attractive.