Taste Test: Honey dip doughnut at Munster Donut

Honey dip doughnut at Munster Donut

There's no right or wrong answer to, "What is the best doughnut they sell at Munster Donut?"

The contenders are plenty. You've got maple, sour cream, coconut, peanut and a host of others to fill a box and please everyone.

I belong to a mostly hushed segment of society that prefers our food plain. We don't talk about it openly because the reactions can be obnoxious.

"What do you mean you don't want anything on your hot dog?" they ask.

"Plain cheese pizza? Really? No meat? No veggies?" they inquire in disbelief nearing disgust.

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The honey dip doughnut at Munster Donut, 8314 Calumet Ave., Munster, is the plain food lover's go-to pastry. It's airy, not cake-y. And the glaze on it is just enough to add a kick of sweetness. 

They're made on site and have a bakery taste, not a mass-produced taste.

And although they don't have the flair of something filled with jelly or doused in sprinkles, they don't need it. Sometimes, less is more.

--Vanessa Renderman

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