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    Taylor Swift opened her U.S. concert series with a three-hour tour of her career. Swift kicked off the first concert of the 52-date Eras Tour with a six-song set Friday night from her album “Lover” at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, where the Super Bowl was played a month ago. She ended the concert with seven songs from her latest album “Midnights." In between she played at least one song from each of her albums. After another show at the same venue Saturday night, the tour moves on to Allegiant Stadium outside Las Vegas then AT&T Stadium near Dallas.

      Tourists hoping to see world-famous waterfalls on the Havasupai Tribe Reservation in northern Arizona instead went through harrowing flood evacuations. The official Havasupai Tribe Tourism Facebook page reported Friday that flooding had washed away a bridge to the campground. The campground is in a lower-lying area than the village of Supai. But floodwaters were starting to recede as of Saturday morning, according to the tribe’s Facebook post. Visitors with the proper permits will be allowed to hike to the village and campground. They will be met with tribal guides who will help them navigate around creek waters on a back trail to get to the campground.

        Not long after the Ohio train derailment, pro-Russian voices on Twitter began spreading anti-U.S. propaganda about the incident. Many of the accounts were awarded blue check marks by Twitter under a new verification policy announced since Elon Musk bought the social media platform. The accounts also parroted Kremlin talking points about Russia's invasion of Ukraine and in many cases recycled material from Russian state-controlled media. Researchers at Reset, the London-based nonprofit that uncovered the accounts, say they show how authoritarian governments are hijacking social media platforms operated by U.S. companies for the purpose of meddling in domestic debates.

          Former President Donald Trump has returned to Facebook after a more than two-year ban. “I’M BACK!” Trump posted on the site weeks after his personal account was reactivated. He also shared an old video clip in which he said: “Sorry to keep you waiting. Complicated business.” Facebook parent Meta had said in January that it would be restoring Trump ’s personal account in the coming weeks, ending the suspension it imposed in the wake of the Jan. 6 insurrection, when Trump’s supporters violently stormed the U.S. Capitol in a bid to halt the peaceful transition of power. His access was restored to Facebook and Instagram on Feb. 9, the company confirmed.

            In a scene reminiscent of the last financial crisis, the federal government turned to Wall Street this week for help with a blossoming emergency in the banking sector. The anxiety centered on First Republic Bank in San Francisco, which was reeling after customers withdrew billions of dollars. The result was a swift agreement among the nation’s leading banks to lay aside competitive instincts to come to First Republic’s aid. With Washington greasing the wheels, a coalition of lenders put $30 billion in uninsured deposits into the California-based bank as a show of support. The money gives First Republic a lifeline while it reportedly seeks a buyer.

              Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has made what might be her final court appearance before beginning a 11-year prison sentence. That's unless a federal judge grants her request to remain free while her lawyers appeal her conviction for masterminding a blood-testing hoax. The hearing came four months after Holmes’ last court hearing, when a judge sentenced her for duping investors in Theranos. The company was a startup Holmes founded 20 years ago and then rode to fleeting fame and fortune. The judge says he expects to issue a ruling in early April. If he rejects Holmes request, she is due to report to prison April 27.

                The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation granted $2.4 million Thursday for cloud seeding in the Upper Colorado River Basin. The Southern Nevada Water Authority voted Thursday to accept the grant aimed at enhancing snowfall in neighboring Western states whose water they rely on. The federal support for efforts to pull more water from clouds comes after years of devastating drought in the region. In the Upper Colorado River Basin, Utah and Colorado have been seeding clouds for decades. Wyoming has nearly a decade of experience, and New Mexico recently began approving permits for warm weather seeding in the eastern part of the state.

                The three walls surrounding a bathtub take a lot of abuse, especially if the bathroom serves a house of family members who bathe daily. Those conditions call for a hard-working, durable wall surface with the ability to withstand the moisture and continued use. Solid Surface is a manufactured material, made of acrylic resin, polyester resin or a combination of the...


                Two years after a fire devastated Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang camp for seriously ill children, a rebuilt camp center is opening. The February 2021 blaze burned the center of the camp. It had been made to look like an Old West town and housed the woodworking shop, the arts and crafts area, the camp store, and an educational kitchen. The new $4.5 million complex has twice the space with more accessibility and new amenities. Those include a quiet sensory room, a room with a fireplace for parents and caregivers, an emergency storm shelter, and a cistern in case of another fire.

                Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has acknowledged that he misled Parliament about rule-breaking government parties during the COVID-19 pandemic. But he insists that he never intentionally lied. Britain’s boisterous former leader is set to be grilled by lawmakers on Wednesday over whether he lied when he repeatedly denied that staffers held parties in his Downing Street offices in violation of COVID-19 lockdown rules. He could be suspended or even lose his seat in Parliament if found to have lied deliberately. Johnson acknowledged in written evidence that some of his statements “did not turn out to be correct.” But he said they “were made in good faith” and he did not "intentionally or recklessly mislead the House.”

                Minnesota is moving to strengthen its status as a refuge for patients from restrictive states who travel to the state to seek abortions — and to protect providers who serve them. The state House on Monday voted 68-62 to prohibit enforcement in Minnesota of laws, subpoenas, judgements or extradition requests from other states against people who get, perform or assist with abortions in Minnesota. Supporters say a prime example of what they're worried about is a Texas law that deputizes individuals to enforce their state’s restrictions by allowing them to sue to anyone who helps a patient obtain an abortion elsewhere.

                Garbage. Heaps, mounds and piles of it are growing daily and in some places standing as high as a human being. A two-week strike by Paris garbage collectors is taking a toll on the renowned aesthetics of the French capital, a veritable blight on the City of Light. One strike-hardened resident says he prefers “Chanel to the stink.” There's broad opposition to President Emmanuel Macron's decision to raise the retirement by from 62 to 64.  And in the neighborhoods of the City of Light, garbage looms everywhere and in some cases has choked off narrow streets. Protesters say there's more to come.

                For the first time in three decades, the U.S. has a new favorite dog breed, according to the American Kennel Club. Adorable in some eyes, deplorable in others, the sturdy, push-faced, perky-eared, world-weary-looking and distinctively droll French bulldog became the nation's most prevalent p…

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