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MICHIGAN CITY — Ivy Tech Community College’s new strategy aims to increase enrollment and cut expenses while allocating resources more effectively.

Ivy Tech President Sue Ellspermann presented the plan Wednesday morning to the college’s trustees.

The new strategy outlines several goals, including improved student success, stronger partnerships with community workforces, involving the community in the school, helping students complete courses and allocating funds and space more effectively.

In her presentation, Ellspermann said the college faces a low student completion rate, low enrollment and low involvement. Most students enrolled in a dual credit program do not even enroll in college once they complete high school, she said.

Those are among many issues the new strategy plans to fix by allocating funds and resources to more effective areas and campuses where communities have high unemployment rates, low income and few jobs.

Another goal is to involve community workforces and work one-on-one with businesses and recruiters to offer more certification programs and incentives for enrolling in degree courses.

Ellspermann also plans to make changes in campuses that have excess space, saying money spent to heat, maintain and lease unnecessary square footage could be better used in creating more student programs or recruiting new students.

Since online students make up an estimated 33 percent of current enrollment, Ivy Tech also plans to offer a more efficient, seamless technology to keep students engaged in online courses.

The new plans also focus on retention of high-performing employees as well as recruiting talented educators to join the Ivy Tech team.

The final goal is to help students pay for enrollment and school activities. To achieve this, a plan to attract new funding from outside of the school, such as philanthropy and grants, will be implemented.

Ellspermann estimates that in the next five years, there will be a 22 percent increase in students who complete courses either on campus or online.