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Tri-Creek School Corp.

LOWELL — When Tri-Creek School Board member Michelle Dumbsky first glanced at the state board's imposing graduation pathways document, she said she was initially taken aback, then realized Tri-Creek has been on that path for years.

Last week, Dumbsky checked off the multiple requirements, such as project-based learning in which the district is already immersed. She said she feels fortunate the district is positioned so well and gave kudos to retiring Superintendent Debra Howe for putting Tri-Creek on the right path.

Kevin Deal, director of curriculum, instruction and accountability, updated the board on the state's direction.

"The criteria parallels what we've been doing for the last six years," Deal said.

"Not every district is where we are. The challenge now is how to finesse what is already in place and determine methods of tracking students. The class of '23 will be the first to graduate with the new requirements, so that means current seventh-graders will be selecting pathways next year.

"We have a lot of work to do now and in the summer. There will need to be sessions to explain and provide details to parents and the community."

In other business, the board:

  • Acknowledged the receipt of almost $5,000 in donations to the district, including from individuals paying off negative meal charges at the schools and ones funding the L-Club's drive for needy families.
  • Appointed Jesse Forrester to the Lowell Public Library Board after accepting Gerald Stout's resignation.
  • Approved the Lowell Academic Decathlon's 2018 College Crawl, a visit to museums and universities in Indianapolis, and the team's overnight trip for the state finals, for which they have qualified again.
  • Congratulated Lowell High School juniors Alyssa Harkness, Jake Babin, Adam Edwards and Dustin Hudak, honored as members of the Rising Stars of Indiana Class of 2019 by the Indiana Association of School Principals.

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