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HOBART — It sounds like a title for an action movie, but it's a potential attraction being planned for Hobart.

Siblings Karen and Glenn Miller want to open the Ride, Rage and Escape amusement facility on a 7-acre property near 49th Avenue and Liverpool Road.

It would include an outdoor ATV track on a portion of the property. An existing 4,500-square-foot building would house the rage room and escape room attractions.

Karen Miller said the plan is for the business to become a place where people could spend the whole day participating in the offerings there. She also is exploring the possibility of adding a recording studio to the project.

The rage room will be a place where people can turn to for stress-relief or to decompress, Karen Miller said.

Participants will get to choose an item, such as a bat or golf club, and then crush breakables in the rage room for several minutes.

“Proper safety gear will be required,” Karen Miller said.

A basic package will include several smaller breakable items. People can upgrade to televisions and other larger pieces.

Karen Miller said she and her brother are property managers. People often leave items behind after moving out of properties, so she has acquired many pieces that can be useful for the rage room.

“I have a barn full of breakables,” Karen Miller said.

She said she is contemplating offering a divorce night in which people could bring in items from a past marriage to destroy in a rage room.

Karen Miller said there aren't many options locally for riding ATVs, and creating a track would fill a need in the community. In addition to customers bringing their ATVs, the business would rent vehicles for use, she said.

Initial themes for the escape rooms include an abandoned house and sunken ship, Karen Miller said.

Besides the attractions, the business would also offer a full-kitchen.

The property for the proposed business had been abandoned for several years before the Millers acquired it, Karen Miller said.

It had become a dumping ground prior to the siblings taking control of it.

Hobart Zoning Administrator Ross Pietrzak said the property for the business is adjacent to a nature preserve.

The city has received some concerns about the potential for ATVs to run off course and into the nature preserve, he said.

The municipality is working with the Millers on possible options to mitigate that issue.

That could include the creation of barriers to ensure riders wouldn't leave the track.

An opening date for the Ride, Rage and Escape facility hasn’t been announced, and the project requires site plan approval from the city’s Plan Commission and a use variance from the Board of Zoning Appeals before it could advance. The panels are expected to consider the requests in March.