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STOCK_Lake Station City Hall

Lake Station City Hall

LAKE STATION — The city is pleased with the results of small-scale water line flushing to help address brown and discolored water issues, and a comprehensive flush of the entire municipality remains in the works.

Public Works Superintendent Adrian Vera said Lake Station has taken advantage of the recent mild temperatures to continue the small-scale flushing.

Vera said all fire hydrants east of Union Street have been flushed during the process. That has included flushing in a couple of larger neighborhoods in the city, he said.

“We have seen good progress,” Vera said.

He said residents in the vicinity of the recent small-scale flushing have indicated their water has been clear, and he hasn't received complaints of brown or discolored water during the last two weeks.

Lake Station continues to plan a comprehensive flush of the entire municipality to clear minerals that have built up in water lines. City officials have said those minerals have caused the situations of brown and discolored water.

Because of the significant amount of water needed for that activity, an interconnected line to the city's backup water supply must first be repaired.

H&G Underground Utilities received and assembled parts needed for the repair at its facility before it began installing them to the interconnected line under the bridge at Ind. 51.

Vera said there have been some minor delays during installation, and H&G Underground Utilities is expected to finish the repairs by the end of next week.

After that happens, it will be up to Mother Nature to decide when the comprehensive flush will occur.

Vera said several consecutive days of above-freezing temperatures are needed to complete the flush throughout the entire city.

He said residents will be informed before that happens. Door hangers will be distributed to homes to explain when flushing will occur and what residents can expect during that time.

Vera said residents could notice lower water pressure as the flushing takes place. There also could be occasions of brown water during that time as minerals are cleared from water lines, he said.

Lake Station has been frequently testing its water after brown and discolored water has been noticed. No bacteria has been found and the water remains safe for consumption, according to the city.

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