CROWN POINT — Three family members lured a 19-year-old man to Hammond in 2018 to rob him of a compact semi-automatic gun they believed he had stolen from their friend and ultimately shot him to death, court records allege.

Brothers Derek T. McLaurin-McNutt, 21, and Derrel C. McLaurin-McNutt, 19, both of Hammond, and their cousin Charles D. Wilson III, 20, of Gary, are accused of arranging a meeting with 19-year-old Elijah Nolan under the pretense of buying a MAC 10 gun from him April 7, 2018, in Hammond's Robertsdale neighborhood.

Witnesses told police they weren't sure who shot first, but gunfire broke out during the meeting. Nolan was killed, and Derrel McLaurin-McNutt was shot in the legs, Lake Criminal Court records say.

The three men each were charged Thursday with murder and armed robbery. 

Wilson was in custody Friday, but the McLaurin-McNutts remained at large, police Lt. Steven Kellogg said.

"Countless hours of manpower were put into this case," Kellogg said. "This is one more example of the exemplary efforts of the Hammond detectives."

The purported gun deal turned violent shortly after the brothers attempted to "bum rush" Nolan, of Gary, and take the gun April 7, 2018, in the 1600 block of Myrtle Avenue in Hammond's Robertsdale neighborhood, according to court records.

Police obtained surveillance video that showed Nolan was able to fight the brothers off, and all three walked with several others toward an open field at 116th Street and Myrtle.

A witness told police they were in the field when Derrel McLaurin-McNutt gave money to Wilson, who gave it to Nolan. 

Nolan allegedly told the group the money and the gun were his, and there was a struggle over the gun, court records say.

Derrel McLaurin-McNutt pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Nolan, as Nolan pulled the slide on the MAC 10 to charge a round in the chamber, records say.

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Several witnesses told police they weren't sure who fired first.

Nolan died from a gunshot wound to the chest, police said.

Derrel McLaurin-McNutt was shot in the upper legs and suffered a broken femur, according to court records.

Police found Derrel McLaurin-McNutt lying wounded on the north side of 116th Street, just west of Myrtle Avenue. He told officers Nolan had tried to rob him and then shot himself, court records say.

Surveillance video and other witnesses' statements show Derrel McLaurin-McNutt was not telling the truth, according to court records.

Wilson told police his cousins wanted the gun because they believed Nolan had stolen the MAC 10 from someone they knew on Gary's West Side. 

Phone records showed Nolan repeatedly communicated with Wilson leading up to the gun deal in Hammond, police said.

The witness told police he ran up to Nolan after the shooting and removed money from Nolan's pocket, but dropped the cash on the ground after Derek McLaurin-McNutt and others approached with guns, court records say.

According to the witness, Derek McLaurin-McNutt told his brother to get the money and the MAC 10.

Police raided the McLaurin-McNutts' home days later and seized seized four guns, a small amount of drugs and ammunition, police said.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Derrel and Derek McLaurin-McNutt should call 911 immediately, Kellogg said.

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