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PORTAGE — A man and woman were found dead of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning late Friday night at Marina Shores at Dune Harbor, according to the Porter County Coroner's Office.

Michael S. McKinney, 44, of Wanatah, and Jennifer Ellenberger, 38, of Crown Point, were both pronounced dead at the scene after being discovered unresponsive in the cabin of a boat docked in the Portage harbor, the coroner's office stated in a news release Saturday.

According to statements from witnesses, McKinney's mother had been searching for her son when she found the two victims inside the boat, the release stated. A call came in to 911 at 10:02 p.m., and the Porter County coroner was dispatched an hour later.

Carbon monoxide levels taken by the Portage Fire Department at the scene were found to be at toxic levels, according to the coroner. Toxicology tests are being performed by the coroner's office to confirm carbon monoxide poisoning. There were no indications of foul play.

The Portage police and fire departments assisted in the investigation, as did the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.


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