Jon Snyder and James Snyder

Porter County Assessor Jon Snyder, left, and this brother, Portage Mayor James Snyder.

HAMMOND — Federal prosecutors are continuing to argue that certain conversations between Portage Mayor James Snyder and his brother, turned informant, should not be suppressed as they head to trial next week.

James Snyder is facing two counts of bribery and one count of tax evasion. His brother, Jon Snyder, who serves as Porter County assessor, has been identified as a confidential informant for the federal government and is expected to testify during the trial.

As part of a deal, Jon Snyder pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor tax charge in federal court last year. He is expected to be sentenced in February.

In September, James Snyder asked a particular conversation with his brother be suppressed as evidence, because it included trial strategy.

Snyder's attorneys and prosecutors argued the motion during a hearing on Dec. 5 before U.S. District Court Judge Joseph Van Bokkelen. Van Bokkelen said he would rule within 10 days, but has not.

Snyder filed additional sealed supplemental information, including another conversation he believes should be suppressed, on Dec. 17.

Court documents filed Wednesday by prosecutors continue to contend that conversations between Jon and James Snyder do not contain trial strategy.

Any information in those conversations, according to prosecutors, was known "long before" the conversations occurred.


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