Alvin Brooks

GARY — A Gary man, who is accused of leading police on a chase with three young children in the car, allegedly said he was going to “kill the entire family” and admitted to officers he was high on embalming fluid, court records state.

Upon being arrested, Alvin Brooks, 43, told Gary police officers, “he might as well die running.”

Brooks was charged with three counts of kidnapping, criminal recklessness, resisting law enforcement and auto theft, Lake County court records state.

Police said they responded to the intersection of 37th Avenue and Grant Street on Saturday after a concerned citizen reported a man driving recklessly with children in his vehicle.

When officers arrived and approached the suspect's vehicle with their sirens and emergency lights on, Brooks drove away with the children in the backseat, court records allege.

Brooks' gray 2016 Chevrolet Sonic then fled north on Tyler Street with officers in pursuit, police said.

The chase eventually went eastbound on 35th Avenue when police noticed the front driver's side of the vehicle was traveling on a rim with the tire gone. At one point, the vehicle came to a stop at 35th and Tyler, and then the driver took off again, police said.

The vehicle came to another stop in the 100 block of West 35th Avenue, and police said they struggled to remove Brooks from the vehicle.

Officers found a 7-year-old and two 4-year-old children in the backseat.

“The children were cold, hysterical, crying and very afraid,” the police report states.

Brooks allegedly told police he had been using “Woo,” a street name for embalming fluid, to get high. Brooks said he thought an active warrant was pending for his arrest, police said.

As the suspect was detained by police, he told them, I "just wanted everyone to die,” and that I “stopped but thought I had a warrant, and might as well die running.”

The 7-year-old directed police to the home of a relative, who had been babysitting the children prior to the incident.

The relative told police Brooks did not have permission to take the children away from her residence in the vehicle, a Chevrolet Sonic, which is registered in the relative's name.

The woman said Brooks is the children's great-uncle. Two mothers of the children came to get them and told officers Brooks did not have permission to take them from their relative's residence.

The 7-year-old said Brooks had “threatened to kill everyone,” according to court records.

The relative said she called the children's mothers, who began trying to locate the children, when she realized they were no longer there.

One witness told police the vehicle Brooks was traveling in was swerving and almost hit his vehicle in the 3700 block of Grant Street. The witness said he also saw Brooks almost hit a pole and drive in a zig-zag pattern in northbound and southbound traffic, with other vehicles having to stop to avoid hitting Brooks' car.

The witness said he called police out of fear for the children's and Brooks' safety.

Brooks was arrested Saturday and was in custody at the Lake County Jail as of Wednesday evening.


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