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HOBART — A caregiver was charged with battery after a struggle with a patient allegedly became violent at a Hobart care facility for people with disabilities.

Louie Greer, 60, was charged with battery against a disabled person and battery against an endangered adult.

The altercation took place at 8:45 a.m. Jan. 22 at a care service for people with intense medical needs and disabilities at the 400 block of Center Street in Hobart, according to court documents.

A 29-year-old patient, who is diagnosed with profound intellectual and psychotic disorders, became upset after staff asked him to clean his spit from the floor. The man receives 24-hour supervision from the company and attends the day service, according to court records.

The patient began screaming and banging his head on the wall and then started kicking and punching staff member Greer, the court documents said.

Staff witnesses said the patient had become physical with another male patient, and Greer stepped in to separate the two men.

Greer allegedly used an “unauthorized restraint technique” known as a choke-hold to restrain the patient to the ground. Greer then allegedly began striking the patient with a closed fist to the head and kicked him in his lower leg, court documents said.

A facility nurse said the patient had small scratches on his nose and under his left eye, court documents said. The patient was transported to the hospital where tests showed no major injuries.

A warrant was issued for Greer's arrest, with the bail amount set at $10,000.


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