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MUNSTER — After allegedly forcing his mother to withdraw $5,000 from the bank while threatening her with a gun, a 22-year-old wildly fought off police as they arrested him at McDonald's.

Aidan Keeble, 22, was charged with armed robbery, two counts of criminal confinement, battery resulting in bodily injury to a public safety official, intimidation, theft, battery by bodily waste, resisting law enforcement and interference with the reporting of a crime.

Police were dispatched Friday to the McDonald's at 515 Ridge Road in Munster for a domestic battery and were met with a mother in distress.

The mother ran out of the building frantically screaming, “That's him, he tried to rob me!” as her son was leaving the McDonald's, according to police reports.

The woman told police her son had a gun in his waistband, causing an officer to order Keeble to put his hands on his head. As the young man was handcuffed, his mother cautioned police that he “may have a knife hidden in his sleeve.”

Keeble then allegedly began forcefully resisting arrest, trying to get away from the officer handcuffing him, police said.

While he was being escorted to the squad car, “Aidan attempted to be dead weight and spat saliva on Officer Scheffel's face and right shoulder approximately three times,” the police report said.

As police tried to restrain Keeble, he allegedly kicked wildly, hitting an officer in the knee. Police decided to transport him to an ambulance, at which the 22-year-old continued to allegedly resist, wildly swinging his arms to get free and hit the same officer multiple times, police said.

Keeble was eventually restrained on a gurney in an ambulance, and a spit hood was placed on him for the medics' safety, according to the report.

His mother told police her son asked her to take him to a friend's house in Highland as she was out running errands. However, the task turned into armed robbery.

Keeble demanded that his mother take him to a Chase Bank to withdraw money so he “could run away.”

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Following a discussion over an airsoft gun the 22-year-old took from his brother, Keeble allegedly pulled up his shirt exposing his front waistband and displaying a black handgun, saying to his mother, “This one is real.”

Police later identified the weapon as a handgun modeled after a Beretta M9, according to reports.

The mother then drove to the bank in Munster. When she arrived, Aidan Keeble allegedly showed her a knife he had hidden and put it in his sleeve.

She was allegedly forced to withdraw $5,000 from her account with her son at her side, police said. She then told her son she wanted to take him to McDonald's to talk to him about his situation. She told officers as they parked to go into the restaurant, Keeble removed the knife from his sleeve and hid it behind the car.

When the woman said she needed to use the restroom, Keeble threatened her that if she called police, “people would get hurt and he would get killed” and would not let her go to the restroom alone. 

As the two walked back to the vehicle from McDonald's, the woman saw Keeble retrieve the knife. She then ran back inside McDonald's and called 911.

Her son followed her and tried to push her out the doors and grab at her backpack for the cash, police said. During the struggle, the mother attempted to push the gun further down Keeble's pants so he couldn't reach it because she was afraid he would use it, according to the police report.

Police confiscated the gun and the knife and took Keeble into custody.

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