LAPORTE — A new Facebook page aims to help stop predators using electronic devices from getting their hands on children.

Parents are urged to visit the page to learn about placing blocks on the phones of their children, along with blocking apps that seem harmless but contain materials like pornography.

The LaPorte County Prosecutor’s Office Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force created the new Facebook parent information page.

"I am so excited about this initiative, and it couldn’t come at a better time," LaPorte County Prosecuting Attorney John Espar said.

The top of the page contains a short video presentation by Espar about the need for safeguarding children whose lives revolve around cellphones and other electronic devices.

Further down the page are posts listing 10 apps for monitoring a child’s device and filtering what they’re able to share and receive.

Another post reveals 12 apps concerned parents should know about because children can use them for things like sexting with strangers and the ability to speak to anyone they’re texting, even complete strangers.

Some of the red-flagged apps shared on the page can also reveal specific locations of unsuspecting users and turn people into easy targets for cyberbullying.

One app looks and functions like a calculator but allows for hiding of inappropriate content, according to one of the posts.

How parents should respond to their child becoming a victim is among the other resources provided on the page, which Espar said will be continually updated.

Espar said sending child sex offenders to prison is satisfying, but even more so is keeping someone from becoming a victim.

"Education and information is the key to preventing these cases from ever happening," Espar said.

The page can be accessed at