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The Region-based Shared Ethics Advisory Commission invited candidates for countywide offices in Lake, LaPorte and Porter counties to sign its Candidate Ethics Action Pledge heading into Tuesday Indiana primary.

Candidates who signed the pledge committed to supporting ethics training for employees reporting to them should they be successful in the May primary and November general election.

Commission President Dan Klein said, “We are pleased that almost 170 candidates in our three county area have formally committed to ethics training for public employees.” Pledge project chairman Cal Bellamy noted, “In every local election since 2014, the commission has invited candidates to sign the pledge and then to follow through on that commitment. This year, we also asked the Democratic and Republican chairs for our three counties to encourage their candidates to sign.”

Klein added, “We will be back in the Fall asking all nominated candidates to either confirm their primary pledge or to take the pledge before the November election.”

Currently, there are 24 member communities: Lake, LaPorte and Porter counties; Crown Point, East Chicago, Gary, Hobart, Lake Station, Portage, Valparaiso, Whiting, Burns Harbor, Cedar Lake, Chesterton, Dyer, Hebron, Highland, Lowell, Merrillville, Munster, Ogden Dunes, St. John, Schererville and Westville.

The Shared Ethics Advisory Commission is an all-volunteer group of communities and government officials willing to commit to training their employees on ethical decision-making.

The following 2018 primary candidates signed the ethics pledge:


Prosecuting Attorney:

Democrat Bernard Carter.

County Clerk:

Democrats Lorenzo Arredondo, Andrew Sylwestrowicz.


Democrats John Petalas, Carl Weatherspoon.


Democrats Greta Heard, Peggy Holinga-Katona.


Democrats Michael Brown, Wally Derose, Betty Dominguez, David Dowling, Richard Ligon, Oscar Martinez, Maria Trajkovich.


Democrat Jerome Prince.

Commissioner District 1:

Democrat Kyle Allen.

County Council:

District 1: Democrat David Hamm.

District 2: Democrats Elsie Franklin, Jeremy Yancey.

District 3: Democrats Melissa Borom, Charlie Brown, Ronier Scott, Leonard White.

District 4: Republican Daniel Dernulc.

District 5: Democrat Christine Cid.

District 6: Democrat Ted Bilski.

District 7: Republicans Christian Jorgensen, Eldon Strong.

Calumet Township

Assessor: Democrat Jacquelyn Collins.

Trustee: Democrat Kimberly Robinson.

Board: Democrats MaryAnn Canty-Reedus, Linda Collins-Brown, Mary Felton, Jacqueline Holms.

Cedar Creek

Board: Republican Dan Blankenship.

Center Township

Trustee: Democrat Cindy Olson; Republican Paul Bremer.

Board: Democrat Katherine Hadow; Republicans William Babjak, Todd Cliborne, Anthony Pampalone.

Hanover Township

Trustee: Democrat James Hunley; Republican Kevin Toth.

Board: Democrat Diane Jostes; Republican Maralynn Echterling.

Hobart Township

Assessor: Democrats Randall Guernsey, Allen Price.

Trustee: Democrats Michael Ellis, Thomas Silich.

Board: Democrats Joe Clemmons, Mike Hannigan, Sue Pelfrey; Republican Ken Wyrick.

North Township

Trustee: Democrat Frank J. Mrvan.

Board: Democrats Edwardo Banda, Jovanka Ivetic, Peter Katic, Richard Novak, Lisa Salinas-Matonovich, John Salzeider.

Ross Township

Assessor: Democrat Angela Guernsey.

Trustee: Democrat Chrissy Barron.

Board: Democrat Janice Orlich.

St. John Township

Assessor: Republican Deborah Walters.

Trustee: Democrat George Baranowski; Republican Cathy Lareau.

Board: Democrats Fred Koegel, Frances DuPey, John Walter; Republican Daniel Langmesser.

West Creek Township

Trustee: Republican Heidi Laub.

Winfield Township

Trustee: Republican Paulette Skinner.

Board: Republicans Linda Eisenhauer, Sherry Gasparovic.

Cedar Lake

Ward 1: Democrat Steve Hyatte; Republican Robert Carnahan.

Ward 3: Republican Julie Rivera.

Ward 5: Republican Randy Niemeyer.


Ward 2: Democrat Eric Shultz; Republican Joe Renz.

Ward 4: Democrat Kim Mettache; Republican Mary Tanis.

Ward 5: Democrat Steven Kramer; Republican Debbie Astor.


Ward 4: Republican Chris Salatas.


Ward 2: Republican Kevin Connelly.

Ward 4: Democrat Tom Schmitt.

St. John

Ward 3: Democrat Nicholas Georgiou; Republican Gerald Swets.



Democrat Michael Shultz.


Republican John T. Boyd.

Commissioner District 1:

Democrats David L. Decker, Sheila Brillson; Republicans Richard J. Mroziaski, Connie Gramarossa.

County Council:

District 1: Republican Justin Kiel.

District 2: Democrat Randy Novak; Republican Jim Rice.

District 4: Republicans Cary Kirkham, Michael Rosenbaum.

Cass Township

Board: Democrat James Irwin; Republican Tricia Rosenbaum.

Center Township

Trustee: Republican Lisa Pierzakowski.

Board: Democrat Scott Ford; Republicans Amy Burris, Donna Weist.

Coolsprings Township

Board: Democrat Lasquilla Cooper.

Galena Township

Board: Democrat Charles Kim Sauers.

Kankakee Township

Trustee: Republican Steve Lestinsky Jr.

Michigan Township

Trustee: Republican Keith Harris.

Assessor: Democrats Scott Bell, Steven Pawlak.

Board: Democrats Kay Blash-Jones, Melody Farmer, Clarence Finnie, Rosada Gardner, Susan Webster.

New Durham Township

Board: Republican Warren Smith.

Pleasant Township

Board: Republican Susan McLain.

Scripio Township

Board: Republican Paul Lindeman.

Springfield Township

Board: Democrat Matthew Sikorski; Republican Daniel Kilgore.

Union Township

Trustee: Democrat Sherry Morris.

Board: Democrats Evelyn Ballinger, Pati James; Republican Cassie Lipscomb.

Wills Township

Board: Democrat David Conley.


Prosecuting Attorney:

Republican Brian Gensel.

County Clerk:

Democrat Jessica Bailey; Republican Jon Miller.


Democrat Vicki Urbanik.


Democrat Lily Schaefer; Republican Chuck Harris.


Democrat David Reynolds.


Democrat Randall Wilkening; Republicans Thomas Ampeliotis, Cyndi Dykes.

Commissioner District 1:

Democrat Donna Perdue; Republican Jeff Good.

County Council:

District 1: Democrat Robert Poparad; Republicans Andy Bozak, Emerson DeLaney.

District 3: Republican Mark Hoffman.

District 4: Republican Mike Jessen.

Boone Township

Trustee: Republican Howard O'Connor.

Board: Republican Daniel Roeski.

Center Township

Trustee: Democrat Jesse Harper.

Board: Democrats Ben Blohn, Debra Fray; Republican Mark Ribordy.

Liberty Township

Trustee: Republicans Beth Underwood, Matt Keiser.

Board: Republicans Jacquelyn Sterling, Terry Dunn.

Pine Township

Board: Democrat Joseph Wagner; Republicans Daniel Timm, Tom Carlson.

Pleasant Township

Board: Republicans Fred Martin, David Overholt.

Portage Township

Trustee: Democrat Brendan Clancy.

Assessor: Democrat Alta Neri.

Board: Democrat Billy Coker; Republicans Antonio Gutierrez, Joyce Webster.

Union Township

Trustee: Republican George Topoll.

Board: Republican Stan Major.

Washington Township

Trustee: Republican Lynn Ross.

Board: Republicans Jean Martin, Andrew Funk, J. Ryan Anderson.


Council 4th: Republican Timothy Jones.

Cal Bellamy is a member of the Shared Ethics Advisory Commission. The opinions are the writer's.


Porter County Government Reporter

Senior reporter Doug Ross, an award-winning writer, has been covering Northwest Indiana for more than 35 years, including more than a quarter of a century at The Times.