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LANSING — The Murrin family has a deep and vivid blue streak in its family tree, and it just got a little longer.

The Lansing Village Board approved the hiring of Denny Murrin III Tuesday. He’s the son of current chief Dennis Murrin II, the grandson of retired Lansing officer Dennis Murrin Sr. and the great grandson of former Lansing officer Gale Murrin.

“This is is something I’ve wanted to do since I can remember,” Denny said. “I never felt any pressure from either my dad or my grandpa, but this was something that I wanted to do even as a little kid.”

Denny finished the academy last July. He never bothered to test for any other department. He knew where he wanted to be.

“It’s where we’ve grown up. It’s kind of a call to duty to come to serve the community we live in and actually love,” Chief Murrin said.

“(It’s) the sense of community. The schools, the businesses, they’re still people who all know each other and have grown up here in town. It’s just a special community. Everybody comes out to help when the chips are down. It’s a special place to live.”

The elder Murrin only tested for one other department. He’s spent his entire career in Lansing.

“It was completely up to him (to become a cop),” the elder Murrin said. “I didn’t push him either way. Obviously, I’m extremely proud of him for choosing the path that he did, but really it was his decision to do what he wanted to do.”

Denny remembers the look on his face when he told his father he wanted to get into the part-time police academy as a teenager. Chief Murrin reminded his son one more time that he didn’t have to be a police officer if he wanted to do something else.

He didn't.

“I have strong calling for this profession, and I think I can be good at it,” Denny said. “Even if I was somebody completely different I think I’d still be in law enforcement.”

His family never showed anything but support for the decision, he said. It was important to him that he had that support.

Denny sees himself in Lansing for a long time, eventually working his way into the detective bureau.

“I grew up in the community and I just wanted to help serve people, take bad guys off the street and make the town a better place,” Denny said.

“A lot of people that I grew up with around here helped me, so I felt like I would give back to the community and help them out in the best way I knew how.”