Collegian chosen for prestigious drill team at The Citadel

Clinton Sulek

Clinton Sulek, 21, was recently chosen for the prestigious Summerall Guards drill team at The Citadel, the military college of South Carolina.

Sulek, who is majoring in business administration and management, was chosen for the 61-member silent precision drill team in February.

“We perform at various events around the nation and the purpose is to show the world our discipline, integrity, and honor. We are the top 61 cadets on campus,” Sulek said.

“I was chosen based on drill and PT (physical training) ability, and personal appearance.”

“To be chosen, you go through 15 physical training days, which include three hours of stationary PT, then at the very least an extremely fast-paced two-mile run. After this we drill for about an hour-and-a-half,” he added.

A 2011 Crown Point High School graduate, Sulek plans to serve as an U.S. Army officer and transition to a high level managerial position for an international company.

He enrolled at The Citadel to challenge himself, and is on track to be named to the 2014 dean’s list.

“We have a rigorous class system that begins with knob year. You go through intense physical and psychological training to become a 'Citadel Man.' Honor, duty, and respect are our core values by which we live,” he said.

Sulek is the son of Alan and Susan Sulek, of Crown Point, and is the founding member of the Supply Chain Management Club on campus. He will return next semester as a part of the Citadel Army ROTC Unit.

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