HOBART — It wasn't your typical state of the city, but that was the whole point.

Wednesday's event had a different feel from other cities' more formal events, with city leaders holding the event at Wednesday night's City Council meeting. It also was moved out of council chambers and into the Public Works Department's new state-of-the-art maintenance garage so residents could get an up-close look at the facility and new equipment Hobart has acquired.

Instead of Mayor Brian Snedecor giving a presentation about the past year and what's ahead, city department heads and their staff set up stations to provide information about what they are doing in the community and answer questions directly from residents.

“We want to be more interactive,” Snedecor said.

The Fire Department had several of its new tools on display. One of them gives paramedics a stronger chance to save lives of those in full cardiac arrest, Snedecor said.

The department recently acquired the device that performs uninterrupted chest compressions on patients in full cardiac arrest.

Without the equipment, emergency personnel would need to stop providing compressions when patients are carried through narrow hallways and down stairs, Hobart fire Lt. Brian Wedel said. Now they can continue providing them during those situations.

The device can be left on patients the entire time they are transported to the hospital, Wedel said. With the equipment completing the compressions, emergency responders experience less fatigue and can provide other services to assist patients.

At the Police Department's station, Police Chief Rick Zormier handed out a variety of materials to residents, including crime statistics from 2017.

Zormier seemed pleased with the results that showed total violent crime cases dropped to 17 last year from 21 in 2016.

The number of property crimes also decreased to 150 in 2017 from 157 in 2016.

Following a year of several accomplishments, Snedecor said he has many goals for Hobart in 2018.

They include the completion of the streetscape project in the city's downtown. That work could wrap up in the fall.

Enhancements around Lake George also will be a focus this year. The walkway improvement project along the lake could be finished in June.

Snedecor said he also hopes to start the Third Street bridge replacement project in late May or early June. A main objective of that work is addressing water-restriction issues to reduce water levels. The project also could make Lake George more accessible for watercraft.