EAST CHICAGO | A National Day of Action Against Dirty Fuels rally Saturday in a grassy park in the shadow of a BP Amoco oil refinery tower drew more than 175 people.

The crowd sang, waved placards and recited chants calling on President Barack Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline and other sand tar pipelines in the Midwest, as well as tar sands in drinking water and the byproduct petcoke.

Organizers said they will call upon the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to conduct a thorough investigation into BP's oil spill into Lake Michigan.

Sue Eleuterio, of Highland, was one of several in the crowd there on behalf of saving Marktown.

"I'm supporting the people of Marktown,"Eleuterio said. "I believe in historic preservation. The people in those houses are getting a raw deal."

Citizens can have an impact, Eleuterio said. "The only way you can change things is by showing up."

The Rev. Charles Strietelmeier, of Augustana Lutheran Church ELCA, Hobart, said his concern is tar sands.

"It is time to be working to phase into cleaner forms of energy," Strietelmeier said.

Jack Gilroy, a member of the Sierra Club, said he attended the rally out of concern for tar sands as well.

"We want to let President Obama know," Gilroy said.

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