GRIFFITH | Two issues took precedence at Thursday night's School Board meeting.

The Griffith Public Schools board Thursday spoke about an alleged theft at Ready Elementary School and the parents of two Wadsworth Elementary School said a "hit list" made by their kids was a big misunderstanding.

One of the mothers said the "hit list" incident happened March 28 when the two kids were preparing to play cops and robbers on the playground.

They made up a list, unfortunately referred to as a "kill list," of the students expected to engage in the game, one mother said.

Another student heard about the list, told authorities and the misunderstanding began to build, she said.

The woman said the names were not a list of targets, but only a list of who would play cops and who would be the robbers.

"Our children are good boys," the other mother said, noting that she was originally told by school officials that everything was OK.

However, other parents then called various news agencies without learning what had really happened, she said.

Both boys were abruptly pulled from school April 1 and a police investigation was started, the mothers said.

One of the mothers said a detective told her the investigation is still taking place and that WGN-TV in Chicago has visited her home twice.

"This involves our entire family," one of the mothers said. "Our lives have been turned upside down."

The first mother said the only people harmed by the list were the two boys, and that they are afraid to return to school.

"These boys have paid for their mistake tenfold," she said.

Earlier in the meeting, board President Raymond White read a prepared statement about a state audit that may have uncovered theft at Ready.

White also said that rumors are getting out of control.

"It's not like we're avoiding anything," he said.

White said the audit report is still being withheld by the state.

"However, the board and administration believe there has been a breach of trust at Ready and that school funds have been affected in a negative way."

White also said the board will act "quickly and to the fullest extent possible in addressing the situation" after the audit report is released by the state.