GRIFFITH | The Indiana State Board of Accounts has not released an audit of Eldon Ready Elementary School in the Griffith Public Schools pending further investigation.

Sources say it could involve missing money.

Griffith school Treasurer Jeannette Bapst confirmed there is an investigation regarding Ready Elementary.

"There are some concerns about a situation over there. We do not have the final report. The State Board of Accounts has not been able to give us a date," she said.

An audit report for the district and all of its other schools was released in late March for the period of July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2013.

Griffith Superintendent Peter Morikis said he cannot talk about the issue at Ready except to say the state and the district are investigating an issue at the school.

The audit report for the district talked about segregation of duties within the school corporation. Morikis said it's a small district with a small number of administrators.

The report said the school corporation became aware in June that the new middle-high school extracurricular treasurer, who began Aug. 6, 2012, had not performed proper monthly bank reconciliations for the period of July 2012 through April 2013. It said there were discrepancies in receipting, recording and accounting for financial activities.

Bapst said as soon as the problem was discovered, administrators corrected it. She said there was no missing money.

The report also commented on the corporation's school breakfast and lunch program, saying the district had not established controls that would include segregation of duties such as determining eligibility and verification of free and reduced-price applications. More than 50 percent of students are on free and reduced-price lunch.

Auditors said only one person was assigned to review eligibility and verification, and those duties needed to be divided between two people.

Bapst reiterated Griffith is a small school district.

"We really work hard on the segregation of duties, but we only have two or three people in the office. A corrective action plan has been implemented, and we now have split those duties up. There are different auditors who do the audits. A previous audit didn't have any problems with it. This auditor did," she said.


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