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Hammond City Hall

HAMMOND — Groans and cries of “shameful” and “terrible” echoed through the City Council chambers Monday after a resolution in support of DACA legislation failed to advance for a vote.

The resolution, sponsored by 3rd District Councilman Anthony Higgs, mirrored the same document passed by the Lake County Council. Higgs made a motion for final passage of the resolution in support of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. However, there was no second for that motion.

“The motion fails for lack of a second,” said Council President Janet Venecz.

The resolution condemned the recession of the DACA program by President Donald Trump.

Other elements in the resolution included support for “a comprehensive and workable approach to solve the nation’s historically broken immigration system” and for “the Congress of the United States to take affirmative action toward development of a bipartisan version of DACA that provides a pathway to citizenship.”

During the public comment portion of the City Council meeting, David Turpin Jr. said he was disappointed that the council “has smothered a resolution of human rights for Dreamers.”

Prior to adjournment, 5th District Councilman Dave Woerpel said council members were concerned that the federal government could cancel funding if the city passed this resolution.

“I count 67 federal grants,” Woerpel said about funding that might be endangered.

Lawyers who have reviewed the documents weren’t certain whether the federal government could reduce or eliminate funding, Woerpel said.