Hobart police officer heading to FBI National Academy

Lt. David Grissom

HOBART | Hobart police Lt. David Grissom had to turn down two previous opportunities to attend the FBI National Academy.

Grissom hopes this third time, with his plans to be in Quantico, Va. in time to attend classes, will prove the charm.

"I can't wait," Grissom said.

Grissom, who serves as investigations commander, is only the second officer from the Hobart police department to attend the academy.

Retired police Lt. Leo Finnerty attended the academy in early 1999.

Police Chief Jeff White said he will be proud to attend Grissom's academy graduation later this year.

"The FBI National Academy is recognized worldwide as an outstanding professional development course for leaders," White said.

"He (Grissom) had been scheduled for two occasions, was prepared and had to give it up. He deserves to go," White said.

Police duties as a detective investigating a triple homicide in Hobart forced Grissom to initially cancel plans in 2005.

Then his plans were again canceled in 2006 after Grissom, who had helped work on the mayoral campaign of Brian Snedecor, was told he couldn't go by a former mayor,  he said.

In addition to the leadership classes Grissom will be attending while at the academy, he said he will also be undergoing rigorous physical training.

That training will culminate in running the seven-mile Yellow Brick Road obstacle course, Grissom said.

Two other Indiana officers, including one from Fishers Police department and one from the Indiana State Police, will be among the 250 attendees.

Grissom, a 20-year veteran with the Hobart Police Department, graduated from River Forest High School in 1985.

In addition to Hobart, Grissom also served as a military police officer with the U.S. Army and as a Gary police officer.

Grissom and his wife, Shelby, are parents to Tyler, 17, and daughter, Bryana, 15, both Hobart High School students.

Police Detective Sgt. Jeremy Ogden will fill in for Grissom until his return from the academy on Dec. 15.