STOCK_Welcome to Lowell

STOCK_Welcome to Lowell

LOWELL — The Town Council gave preliminary approval last week to an ordinance that makes its clear no hunting is allowed within the town boundaries.

And it also made it clear playing baseball in its parks is definitely allowed.

Earlier this year, residents brought their concerns to the council about hunting going on in Timber Springs subdivision where an owner of 5 acres within the town had given a man permission to hunt on his property from a deer stand.

As a result, the council spent multiple work sessions poring over what already was in ordinances and ways to more clearly define their intentions.

With a unanimous preliminary vote from the council, it is expected the no-hunting ordinance will gain final approval when the council meets next May 14.

"We already had a common-sense law on the books, and we expanded it," Council President Chris Salatas, R-4th, said. He said there was an ordinance for town parks, so it was extended to cover the entire town.

The ordinance reads in part that no one in the town "shall hunt, pursue with dogs, use walkie-talkie radios or planes, drones, or in any other way hunt any wild bird or animal" within the town.

"I'm happy with it," Salatas said. He noted the law does not prohibit live trapping so that pest control services and individuals can control raccoons and the like.

At the same time, the council gave preliminary approval to delete an ordinance prohibiting baseball in the parks. The baseball ordinance was found when researching the town's no-hunting provisions.

"Baseball in the parks will be legal in two weeks," Salatas joked. No one had known of the prohibition, and it had not been enforced.

The council also accepted the resignation of Lowell Police Commissioner Lynn Adams.

Councilwoman Leann Angerman, R-2nd, thanked Adams for her well-considered opinions and decisions during her tenure.

The town will accept applications for the vacated position for two weeks. Applications are available at Lowell Town Hall during regular business hours. Applicants must be at least 18 and a resident of Lowell.

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