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Crown Point City Hall stock

Crown Point City Hall

CROWN POINT — Topics including the city’s dog park, tree limbs, roads, sidewalks and upcoming recreational opportunities created a wide-ranging discussion at Mayor David Uran's recent community forum.

Residents gathered with Uran, city staff members and City Council members to ask questions and get updates about what’s happening in Crown Point. 

The dog park, in the 9100 block of Matthews Street, has a couple of hundred members and features a portion for small dogs and another for larger canines, said Uran in answer to one attendee’s question.

In addition, some trees in the dog park will be replaced because trees planted last fall “didn’t make it,” explained Jennie Burgess, parks director.

Another attendee asked how the city deals with tree branches that overhang sidewalks, making walking and jogging difficult.

Normally, the Public Works Department would deal with limbs on trees planted in the parkway, Public Works Director Scott Rediger explained. If the trees are on  private property, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to deal with branches, he said.

Rediger recommended residents call public works at 219 662-3252 to report a problem.

“You’re not going to be in trouble if you cut down a limb in the parkway,” Uran added. However, he cautioned everyone not to cut limbs near overhead electrical power lines. “Call public works.”

That discussion segued into where to dispose of tree limbs that are cut down.

Branches the property owner cuts down should be placed in the parkway, not in the street, Uran said. Public works has a route that runs throughout the 160 miles of city roadway each week, and it may take more than five days a week to pick up all the tree limbs, Rediger added.

Another question dealt with whether Broadway would ever become a four-lane thoroughfare.

“Broadway is an INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) road. INDOT is not proactive. They’re reactive,” Uran said. “We believe Broadway should be a four-lane boulevard.”

Dealing with INDOT has been difficult, especially getting a traffic light installed at 129th and the 9-Mile Stretch, the mayor said.

“Now they say they’re waiting for poles,” he said, adding that with school in session there are more children and cars in that area. “It’s warranted for a traffic signal. We have been told now early October.”

Uran recommended that residents call INDOT as well as elected state representatives.

The city is improving sidewalks around and near the square with “more defined crosswalks,” bump-outs and expanded sidewalks that are all ADA compatible, he said.

The mayor also provided an update on Bulldog Park which is “on pace for construction” on a 2-acre site along West Street next to Wheeler Middle School. 

"The band shell should be ready this spring,” Uran said about the amphitheater that can accommodate 1,500 people for concerts and theater performances.

The next Tuesday Talk is Oct. 9 at Joe’s Café, 1312 N. Main St.

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