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CROWN POINT — The statues have been chosen for the city's annual public art project. 

When they arrive in May, it will mark the fourth consecutive year the city will showcase life-size sculptures by American artist Seward Johnson.

As previously reported in The Times, one of the works will be a 25-foot statue that recreates the famous embrace between a sailor and a nurse celebrating the end of World War II in 1945 in New York’s Times Square.

Entitled "Embracing Peace," the iconic piece will be on display at the Sportsplex. Previous monument statues included a giant Abraham Lincoln statue and a giant tooth, which is currently on display until May.

In addition to a monument statue, the city has partnered with Seward Johnson Atelier Inc. for multiple sculptures displayed in the downtown square that represent citizens doing common everyday activities.

This year the city is receiving a group of life-size statues called "The Hunting Party" that depicts the Claude Monet painting, "Women in the Garden." They will be on display on the lawn of the historic downtown courthouse. 

"We are thrilled to be hosting these pieces of art in our city," said City Councilwoman Carol Drasga, who spearheads the project as a member of the Art in Point Project Committee.

The "Embracing Peace" statue was a big coup for the city, which has been trying to get it for several years. It was built by Johnson in 2005. It depicts the lip-locked couple from the famous LIFE Magazine photograph taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt on April 14, 1945, as news spread through New York City that World War II had ended.

The city also plans to offer special signage for service members, living or deceased, to be placed on a "Wall of Heroes" near the monument statue. Once the statue departs in November, the signage will be placed at the planned Veterans Parkway at the Sportsplex.

The cost will be $100 and will help defer the cost of the art project. The form to sign up is on the city's website with a deadline of April 1.

Sponsorships for the project are $2,400, which is the same as previous years. Sponsors will have their logo prominently displayed at both the monument statue and with the garden grouping, as well as on all marketing literature, walking tour directions and the city website. 

Councilman Andrew Kyres, who also sits on the Redevelopment Commission with Drasga, called the project "wonderful" and a delight to experience for Crown Point residents and visitors.

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