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The Indiana Department of Education released its Annual Performance Reports of Indiana school districts, detailing student enrollment, teacher salaries, test scores, graduation rates and more.

The report shows many schools have remained consistent in their performance with available data dating back four years.

Among the trends in this year’s report, schools have shown growth in the percentage of students engaged in career and technical education programs, sometimes called CTE, a possible response to the state’s growing emphasis on career readiness and establishment of high school pathways designed to build student curriculum around real-world experiences.

The 2019 publication of Annual Performance Reports is based on data available in the 2018 school year and covers a range of statistics from pass percentages of ISTEP and IREAD exams, to the number of reported absences and disciplinary reports, covering both suspension and expulsion, in a district. Reports cover district statistics and individual schools.

"The goal is to provide information regarding the progress schools are making to help students become college- and career-ready,” reads the state's published explanation of the reports.

With the exception of districts affected by "several unresolved scoring issues from assessments administered in the 2018 school year," all Indiana district reports are available and searchable by school name or code on the state Department of Education's Compass website.

In the Crown Point Community School Corp.'s report, data show increases in district-wide student enrollment, with 8,075 students enrolled in the 2014-15 school year compared to 8,501 today. Crown Point High School maintained its top-ranked A grade for the fourth year in a row, according to the state report, while suspensions are up this year in the district setting a four-year high of 162 students suspended compared to 96 students in the 2014-15 year.

Lake Central High School saw similar increases in suspensions with a four-year high of 215 students suspended compared to 165 students last year. The Lake Central School Corp. as a whole has shown steady performance in standardized testing, according to the reports, and received an A accountability grade compared to last year's B.

The percentage of students receiving Indiana's CORE 40 and CORE 40 with Honors diplomas hit four-year highs in both Duneland School Corp. and Valparaiso Community Schools. Both districts also saw steady enrollment and standardized test scores above state averages.

Portage Township Schools also showed strong test scores and growth in its graduation rate, up 5.6 percent in the last four years. Portage Superintendent Amanda Alaniz said in an emailed statement, studying the annual reports allows her team to identify both strengths and weaknesses.

"I am proud of the entire PTS community for all that we have achieve this past year," Alaniz said. "We, as a district, are committed to educating, empowering and inspiring the whole child through a rigorous curriculum and a rich social-emotional program, and I look forward to seeing us continue to move forward in doing so."

The Times will run select school Annual Performance Reports in its Classifieds section between March 20 and March 31.


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Carley Lanich covers education in Lake County and throughout the Region. She comes to Northwest Indiana from Indianapolis and is an IU-Bloomington grad.