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Merrillville Town Hall.

ROSS TOWNSHIP — The past several weeks have been eventful for the Minchuk family.

Ross Township Democratic precinct committeemen on Monday selected Steve Minchuk to serve on the Ross Township Board. Steve Minchuk, who faced Paulla Weinberg in the caucus, fills the seat that had been held by Ron Widing. Widing died June 14.

Steve Minchuk moves into the position about a month after his brother, Jeff Minchuk, was selected to become the 3rd Ward representative on the Merrillville Town Council.

Jeff Minchuk is fulfilling the remainder of former Councilwoman Carol Miano’s term. Miano resigned from the panel for medical and personal reasons.

Steve Minchuk, 36, said he always wanted to run for the Township Board position, and he is looking forward to assisting his community in a new capacity.

“Very excited to help,” Steve Minchuk said.

He said he is constantly at Hidden Lake Park, which is owned and operated by Ross Township.

As a board member, he will have direct involvement in the facility.

“I have a passion for the park,” Steve Minchuk said.

He has long put an emphasis on serving his community. He said he has been involved in a variety of township activities, and he was a volunteer firefighter in Merrillville for 18 years.

Taking on the board position prompted Steve Minchuk to retire as a volunteer firefighter, he said. Ross Township is connected to the fire territory that was established to fund the Merrillville Fire Department.

Although he has retired as a volunteer firefighter, Steve Minchuk said he will continue to organize an annual softball tournament to generate funds for Hoosier Burn Camp. The tournament involves teams consisting of local firefighters and police.