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LAPORTE | What was billed as a record bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich built in LaPorte over the weekend is now being disputed by a group laying official claim to the longest BLT.

The World Record Academy said the 364-foot, 2-inch long sandwich prepared by Brad Hindsley does not qualify for its official record BLT measuring 224 feet, 3 inches long.

In an email, Tom Howard of the WRA, said Hindsley cannot break the WRA record for the Longest BLT simply because he didn't have “our written, prior approval for this attempt.”

"He also didn't follow our rules," Howard said, adding his is the only organization that could have recognized such a feat.

Hindsley said he contacted the WRA before his attempt and was informed it would cost $3,000 for the WRA to authorize the record sandwich and for him to use the phrase ''world's longest BLT.''

He then turned to the Guinness Book of World Records, but Guinness does not have a category for the longest BLT.

But, Hindsley said he discussed with Guinness the possibility of creating such a category in its record book and was given all of the necessary materials to fill out for Guinness to consider entering such a feat in its record book.

“That's the goal,” Hindsley said.

The WRA did not reveal if any legal action will be taken if Hindsley continues to lay claim to the “world's longest BLT.”

Howard did state “the WRA must protect the interest of our record breakers, persons or companies who worked hard and put a lot of effort to set their world records.”

“When somebody is trying to lure the media with their 'records' we must stand up against them and reveal the truth,” Howard said.

Hindsley expressed confidence that he is on solid legal ground.

“My attorneys have assured us there is nothing we did wrong,” Hindsley said.

Hindsley and more than 90 volunteers built the sandwich Sunday and more than 200 feet of it in 4-inch sections were sold for $5 apiece.

The money was given to three local charities.

Hindsley said more than 100 foot section still left was given to the LaPorte County Home.

Had he paid the WRA the $3,000 to officially enter the WRA record book, Hindsley said there would have been just a few dollars left for local charities.

“The whole purpose behind building the world's longest BLT was for us to do something for the LaPorte community that was fun, that was interesting, brought a lot of people out and raise some money for local charities,” Hindsley said.

However, in another statement, the WRA stated “we strongly believe that raising funds for a charity is not an excuse to break the rules or the law.”

Hindsley said he hopes to know soon whether his BLT will be entered into a new category by the Guinness Book of World Records.

However, Howard said it can only be done by Guinness in its “largest sandwich” category.

The largest sandwich recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records measures more than 2,400 feet and was done last year in Lebanon.