The Times editorial entitled "Canceling Classes isn't the Answer" chides teachers for leaving the classroom to attend the recent Red for Ed rally, saying it isn't the best method for achieving better pay, greater teaching resources and a better system of gauging school accountability.

Sadly, it's about the only choice remaining.

For 15 years, Indiana lawmakers have financially undermined traditional public school districts and their teachers. The state now controls dollars allotted for schools' general funds. Property tax caps hinder a school district's ability to raise money forcing the need for referendums, and the state has shifted funding to enable the expansion of charter schools, virtual schools and vouchers.

Public schools are subject to an unfair accountability system based on an increased number of high-stakes tests. State Superintendents Ritz (D) and McCormick (R) remained unheard as they advocated for a fair accountability system based on student growth. As per the data, none of these legislated changes have positively impacted student learning or outcomes

Teachers have been treated dismissively when requesting fair compensation and are ignored when they beg to reduce the number and length of standardized tests.

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Increasing numbers of teachers are leaving the profession and fewer qualified candidates opt for a career in education.

The article's authors claim, “We get it." They “get it” about as much as the legislators and governors have since 2005.

Act before this crisis worsens. Stop the bleeding. Our kids are depending on us.

Debbie Fray, Valparaiso

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