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Area high school students invited to Westville campus for a ‘Lead the Way’ program

Students attending the 2016 PNW Lead the Way conference take part in an exercise designed to exemplify the value of good leadership, providing clear directions and carefully following directions.

WESTVILLE — Purdue University Northwest students participating in the TRIO Student Support Services programs will welcome students from four Northwest Indiana high schools to the PNW Westville campus on Tuesday for the second annual Lead the Way conference.

The 80 conference guests attend Michigan City, LaPorte and Portage high schools and New Vistas High School in Portage. They also participate in the TRIO Educational Talent Search and College Bound programs at their respective schools.

The conference will offer the high school students a day of interactive workshops and activities developed by 20 PNW students enrolled in the TRIO Student Support Services programs on the PNW Hammond and Westville campuses.

“In addition to the high school students seeing, hearing and learning about leadership from their older peers, the PNW students want to exemplify the ideal of students serving students,” said Catalina Rodriguez, director of the TRIO Student Support Services and Educational Opportunity Programs for the PNW Westville campus.

Rodriguez explained that TRIO and the Westville College Bound program serve first-generation, underrepresented students. PNW hosts five different TRIO programs: Student Support Services on the Westville campus and the McNair Achievement Program on the Hammond campus. Plus, there are three pre-college programs: Educational Talent Search available through the Hammond and Westville campuses and Upward Bound, offered by the Hammond campus.

The Westville campus College Bound program serves qualifying students in selected school districts from eighth grade through higher graduation. Collectively, all programs contribute to the participating students’ academic success in high school and college.

The conference will feature a variety of activities that will help the high school students develop their communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills.

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