LaPorte County Courthouse

Inside the courtroom at LaPorte Circuit Court, at the LaPorte courthouse.

LAPORTE — Prior to his sentencing Thursday, LaPorte County Deputy Prosecutor Catherine Breitweiser-Hurst said David Flynn was a monster who sexually abused two underage girls, leaving them nowhere to turn. 

Their mother was letting drug dealers have sex with them to feed her addiction, then Flynn, 46, gained legal custody before he began sexually abusing the girls, Breitweiser-Hurst said.

Flynn was given a 52-year prison sentence Thursday in LaPorte Circuit Court on seven counts, including Class A felony child molesting.

The sentence was half the amount Breitweiser-Hurst sought.

Afterward, she called the sentence fair given the love the girls claimed to still have for the defendant, but anyone committing such acts while in a position of authority, she said, "I don't think should see the light of day again."

The girls were of grade school age in South Carolina when their mother "pimped them out" to dealers in exchange for drugs, said Breitweiser-Hurst.

After gaining custody, Flynn moved the girls to LaCrosse, where the first of the sexual encounters occurred.

There were no more encounters until they moved to LaPorte a year later. The activity went on periodically until the girls moved out at 18, she said.

The allegations came to light in 2015 when one of the victims, now 20, opened up while talking to a police officer about another matter, according to court documents.

Flynn was so methodical in keeping the activity a secret, neither girl knew the other was being victimized, police said.

One of the victims testified she considered Flynn a hero not only for taking her and her siblings away from their mother, but for also being a source of love and happiness.

She also expressed confusion on why he changed.

She then asked Flynn to ask God for his forgiveness because "he's the only one who can help you now."

A jury in October took only a half-hour to convict Flynn, who just prior to sentencing seemed to almost admit guilt then stated he wasn't going to "say yes or no."

Judge Tom Alevizos pointed out his earliest release date would be in December 2054 because a new state law requires 85 percent of a sentence to be served for the worst sex crimes.