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The Art of Aging Lifestyle & Wellness Expo

Val Weaver at the Meditronic booth talks to Ruth Eskilson, of Valparaiso, at the Art of Aging Lifestyle & Wellness Expo on Saturday at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City. 

MICHIGAN CITY — Today’s seniors live full lives: traveling, adventuring and enjoying every minute of retirement.

On Saturday at The Times' sponsored Art of Aging Lifestyle & Wellness Expo at Blue Chip Casino, guests learned how to get the most of their senior years.

It was a day of education as well as amusement and Baxter Crim, who came from Gary with his wife Sharon, said it was a fruitful event.

“We came to find out about health benefits for seniors, because we’re seniors now. This is an excellent expo and we have learned about downsizing, health and even vacations. It has been very beneficial for us,” he said.

The Art of Aging Expo also offered breakout sessions on topics such as investment, retirement, vein treatment, hospice care, physical therapy and travel where attendees could learn about these topics from professionals.

Virginia Clark, owner at Paradise Worldwide Travel Agency in Merrillville, greeted guests behind tables loaded with pamphlets and catalogs for trips all over the world.

“We want to enlighten seniors that they can travel outside of the United States, fully escorted on tours and they will be safe. We have plenty of budget-friendly options and the most popular packages are cruises and trips to Europe, Italy and the Mediterranean,” Clark said.

Vendors discussed information on walk-in bathtubs, retirement living, hospice care, physical therapy, hearing loss, skin and hair care and health.

Dimple Singh, owner of Chesterton Physical Therapy, offered pain relief demonstrations to visitors at her booth.

“We want to let people know the best option for pain relief without medication, injection, or surgery,” Singh said.

A small device with a black and white monitor sat behind her next to two chairs where Singh welcomed guests to take a seat.

“This is a Class 4 laser, which is why it is so effective. We are doing demonstrations, asking people where their pain is, gathering information from them to rule out certain causes and setting protocols into the system to determine the right amount of strength. Patients feel a soothing warmth but it’s working on the cellular level and repairing the cells,” she said.