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Former U.S. Rep. Baron Hill, D-Seymour

Baron Hill

EAST CHICAGO — Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Baron Hill joined State Sen. Lonnie Randolph, D-East Chicago, Wednesday at City Hall to denounce Donald Trump's comments about U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel.

Curiel is a federal judge hearing one of the class-action lawsuits involving Trump University.

“I wanted to come up here to his hometown and reinforce that what Trump is saying and doing is outrageous. It’s racist,” said Hill, 62, who traveled from Indianapolis for the day.

“I’m glad to see some Republicans coming out and saying the same thing — Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and others.”

Trump last week described Curiel, who was born and reared in East Chicago, as hostile and a "hater of Donald Trump."

He declared to the Wall Street Journal that Curiel has “an absolute conflict” with his case concerning Trump University because Curiel is “of Mexican heritage.” Also that day, he tweeted that he will win the case in San Diego, though he has a "very biased and unfair judge."

Both Hill and Randolph called on voters in Indiana to show their own displeasure by supporting Democratic candidates in state and national elections. Hill will face Republican nominee Todd Young in the November election.

“This is such an important issue in light of the fact that Mr. Trump has been name-calling and saying a person is disqualified because of he’s a Mexican,” Hill said.

“If people buy into that argument then they might as well kick their Statue of Liberty into New York Harbor.”

The candidate stated that “America is for everybody — black, white, red, yellow, male, female, straight or gay, and to say these kinds of things would take our country in a different direction that we’ve come to appreciate in the last 200 and some odd years.”

Randolph pointed to the racial and ethnic makeup of East Chicago.

“East Chicago is comprised of Hispanics, blacks, whites, any kind of ethnic group you can think of. It’s been like that for many years,” Randolph said.

“We’re a solid community, a solid foundation. We’ve got young people who went away and really distinguished themselves. One example is Judge Curiel.”


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